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Woman accused of traffic offenses becomes victim of misconduct

Georgia drivers probably know the feeling that hits the gut when a person is driving, perhaps a bit too fast, and sees flashing lights in the rear-view mirror. Certainly, nobody ever sets out on his or her way, trying to get a ticket. Traffic laws are meant to help keep everyone on the road safe, but when they become a joke to responding officers, traffic offenses can be handled unfairly.

Recently, a Georgia woman was pulled over for allegedly driving above the speed deemed appropriate for a wet road. The officers decided that, instead of issuing a ticket they felt was fair, they would flip a coin to see if she would be charged with speeding, or if they would add a reckless driving charge due to the wet road. The officers were being recorded by police cameras, and it is reported that, when the coin fell to indicate the additional charge, they laughed. 

The woman was arrested on the spot and taken to jail. She was distraught and could not understand why she was being charged as such, especially because she did not have any outstanding tickets on her driving record. When the terrible behavior of the officers was discovered, they were fired by the police department. 

If a person becomes the victim of unfair charges for traffic offenses, he or she may feel as if there is nothing to be done. Just because police choose to handle a traffic stop poorly does not mean the driver is guilty. On many occasions, people in these situations choose to hire an experienced attorney to help the accused present his or her side of the story and expose misconduct by the police in a court of law.