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Police use viral challenge to call awareness of domestic violence

Violent crime remains a significant concern in Georgia. Even still, many people may be shocked to learn the actual statistics in their local communities. One police department decided to partake in a viral video challenge to bring awareness to the issue of domestic violence locally. Domestic violence in Georgia is classified as “family violence,” and can include physical, emotional or sexual abuse. 

The viral challenge has become extraordinarily popular in recent weeks. It has crossed most social media platforms and features police departments across the nation “lip synching” to a song of their choosing. Most submissions are silly and upbeat, as the trend was started in an effort to help local police maintain a friendly and good natured relationship with their community. 

One Georgia police department decided to take the trend a step further, and use their video submission as a way to inform the public about the frightening reality of domestic violence, a crime they are faced with often. The video features officers performing a song about personal strength, while showing scenes of domestic violence that mirror real-life calls for help. The officers tell viewers that victims are not alone, and help is available. 

The video has certainly shocked some viewers, and many are opposed to the violent scenes shown on their screen. Not everyone accused of domestic violence is actually guilty. On many occasions, an accusation is unfounded, and further investigation indicates that no crime has been committed. While the video reaches out to victims of domestic violence, it fails to address persons who have been accused of committing abuse. 

Those accused of domestic violence may feel as if the legal system is already against them, and they themselves are a victim of false or exaggerated accusations. People should be aware that being accused of a crime is no indication of guilt, and they are not alone either. Persons accused of domestic violence have the right to seek help from an experienced attorney. An attorney may be able to assist the accused as they prepare to present their side of the story in a court of law.