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Intoxication of a minor a serious concern for business owners

Georgia parents and their teens are gearing up for a new school year. Whether they will be attending a local high school or going off to college, parents may worry that their teens will have trouble adjusting to their unfamiliar social environment. The desire to fit in can lead teens to make bad decisions. While most teens probably do not understand the consequences that can come from drinking before they reach legal age, local business owners and law enforcement do, and are on a mission to prevent incidents of intoxication of a minor. 

If a person or business is caught providing alcohol to a teen, criminal charges and potentially hefty fines may follow. Teens may see drinking as relatively harmless, but adults know that disaster can strike when alcohol is consumed by teens and their friends. Recently, Georgia police began an undercover investigation to find out if area establishments follow the laws about serving alcohol to minors. 

The undercover sting proved that some local bars were not careful enough, and did in fact serve minors. Whether by mistake or intentionally, the businesses faced serious fines and penalties. Many owners decided it was back to school time for employees too, and provided a class to train bartenders and servers on preventing underage alcohol consumption. 

Intoxication of a minor is a serious charge. The teens themselves can face legal trouble, and certainly no parent wants that for their child. If a parent is worried because their teen has gotten in trouble by drinking, they may want to contact an experienced attorney. An attorney can help explain the legal process to teens and their parents, and help them prepare to present their case in court.