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Intoxicated driving laws and criminal punishments in Georgia

State and local law enforcement officers in Georgia are aggressive in their enforcement of the state’s intoxicated driving laws. These enforcement efforts have benefited Georgia as a whole by getting intoxicated drivers off the road and holding them criminally accountable for their violations. However, police are not infallible and sometimes make mistakes when arresting individuals for drunk driving.

A false DUI arrest can have devastating and immediate consequences on an individual’s career, family life and social relationships. In terms of the law and the criminal consequences associated with a drunk driving conviction in Georgia, here are the most important details:

A first-offense DUI arrest. Being arrested for a first-time DUI charge will result in a 24-hour stay in jail. These arrests often happen after a driver fails his or her alcohol tests and shows a .08 percent or more blood alcohol concentration (BAC). A conviction will result in the loss of driving privileges for a year, at least 40 community service hours and other penalties. After 120 days of license suspension, however, many drivers can apply to receive an Ignition Interlock Device (IID).

Drunk driving alcohol limits. The limit on BAC is .08 percent. Drivers proven to hit or exceed this limitation will be considered in violation of the law, but defendants may be able to show that testing methods for proving BAC may be flawed and inaccurate.

Aggravated DUI. If a driver’s BAC is .15 percent or higher the driver will be subject to heightened penalties and punishments.

Zero tolerance drivers. Drivers who are under the age of 21 and other classes of motorists may have a .02 percent BAC that applies to them. Driving in excess of this zero tolerance limitation for these drivers will result in immediate and severe DUI penalties.

Were you accused of drunk driving in Georgia?

Every driver accused of drunk driving in Georgia will have the opportunity to defend him or herself. No matter what your situation, a well-planned and strategic criminal defense may be able to help you improve your situation in the eyes of the law.