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Drug possession charges are particularly serious for students

It is common for high school students and college students to think of themselves as adults. In reality, parts of their brains are still developing, which leaves them susceptible to poor decision-making. That decision-making deficit can affect many areas of their lives. It can cause teenagers and college students to make impulsive decisions that can impact their safety and education.

Many times, these mistakes are relatively minor and only have some personal consequences. However, if those mistakes involve experimenting with illegal drugs, those mistakes can prove life-altering for your young adult child. If your child has pending criminal charges related to drug possession, you should take them seriously.

Drug crimes are serious issues for minors and young adults

Whether your child is under the age of majority or already away at college, a drug possession offense is a serious issue. While the penalties for a drug offense will vary depending on the substance involved, one consequence remains standard.

Any drug conviction, even simple possession offenses, can result in losing all eligibility for federal financial aid for college. The standard federal application for student aid specifically asks about criminal convictions related to drugs. If your student has to answer yes on that question, they can expect to lose out on subsidized loans, grants and even work study programs. They may not have the ability to pay for college and this could mean the end of their higher education for the foreseeable future.

A strong defense and proactive approach can protect your child’s future

As a parent, you want your child to learn from their mistakes and do better in the future. Many times, it is the consequence that comes from a mistake that helps drive home and important life lesson. However, if your child is facing a drug crime, you should not simply wait to see what will happen.

Your child needs your help and understanding both of the critical importance of this offense and the potential consequences. Helping your child overcome these charges can definitely teach your child a lesson about the severity of certain mistakes. With the right approach, it may be possible to plead guilty to a non drug related offense or avoid a criminal record all together.

Don’t let a youthful mistake derail your child’s future

Everyone makes mistakes on the long road from childhood to adulthood. Many times, those mistakes involve experimenting with alcohol and drugs. Getting caught drinking alcohol or in possession of drugs can have a serious impact on the future of any teenager or underage college student. Make sure you teach your child about the risks, but also remain ready to help defend your child against the potential criminal consequences of a common mistake.