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Underage DUI lands friend in intensive care

Georgia parents are all too aware of how stressful it is raising teenagers. As young adults, teens are learning to become responsible members of society, but there are many bumps along the road. Teens sometimes do not understand that their actions can have serious consequences, or that one poor choice can potentially affect the rest of their life, and the lives of others. One possible concern for parents with teen drivers is the risks associated with an underage DUI

Recently, a group of teenage Georgia friends were riding in a car driven by one of the teens. One of the girls in the car reportedly leaned out the window and fell onto the road. She suffered serious injuries, including a fractured skull. Though they may have been warned about the dangers of underage drinking, and driving under the influence, it became clear that the teens did not understand the ramifications of doing so.

Police allege that the driver and passengers were under the influence of alcohol. The driver was arrested and charged with several crimes, including underage DUI. If convicted, her driving record and criminal history could be affected for years to come. 

When teens make poor choices, it is often up to the parents to decide how to deal with the repercussions. In many cases, the family is already stressed and worried. It can be helpful to contact an attorney that is familiar with cases of underage DUI. An attorney may be able to direct families as they attempt to deal with criminal charges, injury suits, insurance matters and other potential situations that may result from one bad decision.