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Suspect charged with violent crimes at church

Georgia residents would probably agree that, when life gets stressful, it is helpful to have a community of understanding people to lend an ear to their troubles. One place many find solace and compassion is their local church. A church probably feels like a safe place to vent frustrations and tell one’s side of a story without fear of judgement. Unfortunately, as one man recently learned, becoming emotional at church can lead to being accused of violent crimes.

The man was attending a local Georgia church when there came a part in the service in which parishioners were allowed to share their woes with the congregation. The man approached the pulpit and began to explain his frustrations surrounding his upcoming divorce proceedings. It was clear that the matter upset the man deeply, and he allegedly began to raise his voice and speak in a way that made some fear he was threatening others. 

Police were called to the church, and the man was charged with threatening. Police allege that the man was believed to have a gun, which apparently made people fear that he would turn it on innocent people, though no one was actually harmed by the man. What began as an attempt to vent his frustrations resulted in legal trouble and criminal charges.

People accused of violent crimes may feel as if there is no hope. While these allegations are taken seriously by a court, being accused is not an indication of guilt. The accused have the opportunity to explain their actions and, on many occasions, choose to get help from an experienced attorney. An attorney may be able to help a defendant present his or her case in a calm and appropriate manner when it comes time to speak in court.