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New law aims to help victims escape family violence

Georgia families probably know that violent crime has become an epidemic nationwide. Family violence can affect victims for decades to come. When a victim chooses to seek help, or someone seeks help on his or her behalf, they may worry that escaping the abuse entirely is impossible. Recently, the state has taken steps to help. 

Even after an abuser has been apprehended, victims and their families may worry that the offender may try to contact them even after they have been ordered not to by a court. When a person has become the victim of violence, they may not feel safe again until they have made major changes in their life. Things like changing phone numbers, blocking abusers on social media and moving to a new location can help victims begin a new life free from abuse. 

Georgia has recently passed a new law to assist victims as they attempt to escape. Previously, tenants, regardless of circumstance, have been required to give a landlord 30 days notice before breaking a lease, and if they fail to do so, they could face a monetary penalty, and be subject to a bad reference for future leases. Fortunately, the new law states that if a Georgia resident has been the victim of family violence, he or she can immediately vacate the home with no penalty. The law aims to empower victims as they attempt to escape an abusive situation, and ease the burden of trying to find a new home as they deal with the aftermath of a violent crime. 

When a person has become the victim of family violence, he or she may not be aware of the resources available. On many occasions, it can be helpful to seek the assistance of a compassionate attorney. An attorney is typically up to date on the latest laws, and can be an asset to victims attempting to seek justice and safety, and prevent further contact from the person that abused them.