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Arraignment scheduled for man accused of theft in Georgia

| Jul 19, 2018 | Shoplifting And Theft Crimes |

Many Georgia residents choose to purchase or sell vehicles through means that are not associated in any way with official car dealerships. Some say selling or buying is a much simpler process when car dealers are not involved. Others, however, prefer the security of getting everything in writing and signed through a legitimate, licensed business. One thing is certain: if a person sells another person a car and receives payment for such, he or she should definitely make sure the buyer gains possession of the vehicle or else risk theft charges.

One man was arrested in Sept. 2017 for suspected theft. He is said to have agreed to sell a 77-year-old woman a Ferrari. As payment, he would receive a Porsche and more than $100,000 from her. The man reportedly received the cash amount from the woman through an electronic funds transfer.

The problem is that the woman says she never received the Ferrari. To further complicate matters, the man is accused of misrepresenting himself as representing a now-defunct company from Atlanta. He has been indicted for first-degree property theft and also for financial exploitation of the elderly. An arraignment is scheduled for the end of July. The man posted bond to secure his release from jail.

Every person charged with theft or other crimes in Georgia is presumed innocent unless proved otherwise in court and beyond a reasonable doubt. This standard is set high intentionally so as to avoid the possibility of an innocent person being convicted for a crime he or she did not commit. Many people successfully avoid conviction by relying on experienced criminal defense assistance in court.

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