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Woman arrested for theft now faces felony drug charges

Most Georgia residents would probably agree that the Peach State is one of the gems of the nation. Buried deep in the south, Georgia boasts both natural beauty and glimmering urban cities, and a unique culture that has successfully meshed tradition with a fresh modern vibe. While many who call the state home likely consider it a fun and safe place to live, Georgia is not immune from the sorts of crime that plague the rest of the nation, including theft and shoplifting. 

Law enforcement agencies across the nation have recently begun to focus their attention on an ever-growing epidemic of drug abuse. In recent years, the number of Americans suffering from serious addictions and worse yet, overdose deaths, continues to climb. This has caused a near panic among police, who sometimes seem to use any crime as a way to investigate possible drug crimes. 

Recently, a Georgia woman was accused of taking items off a shelf at a local Walmart, and allegedly attempting to get a refund for the items, without paying for them first. Unfortunately for the woman, what began as an investigation into misdemeanor theft charges quickly escalated to felony drug charges. Officers took the woman into custody for the alleged theft and, after searching her, felt that they had supposedly found evidence to charge her with four felony drug charges on top of the misdemeanor theft charges. 

While it may be frightening to be accused of a crime, an accusation is a far cry from a guilty verdict. In many cases, those who stand accused of theft or shoplifting may be able to present a solid defense to explain their actions. In such situations, defendants may find it helpful to utilize the services of an experienced attorney, who may be able to help them present their side of the story in the best light, and help ensure that those who stand accused have a fair fight in the court system.