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Police officer stands accused of drug crimes

Georgia residents would likely agree that when it comes to criminal accusations, police officers are usually not the people on the receiving end. Law enforcement across the county is ramping up efforts to combat drug crimes. Usually, it is the police who first investigate potential drug activity, but in a strange set of circumstances, one officer finds herself accused of serious drug charges.

According to reports, police acquired a warrant to search a residence where they claimed to have evidence of drug activity. Allegedly, when they entered the apartment, they found a stash of marijuana and prescription pills. Three people inside were arrested as a result, and one of them happened to be a Georgia police officer. 

The situation remains under investigation, and in the meantime the officer has been suspended from duty. Police have so far failed to indicate where in the residence the drugs were located, or if they have any proof at all that the officer was personally involved in criminal activity. She will face the chief of police to determine if she will remain employed with the department. 

When a person is accused of drug crimes, he or she may feel as if guilt has already been determined. Fortunately, this is not the case, and any person accused is entitled to due process of the law. In many cases, people are able to convince the court that allegations against them are not accurate.  Defendants may find it helpful to seek the aid of an experienced attorney, who may be able to assist them as they prepare to present their side of the story in a criminal courtroom.