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Hip hop artist faces prescription drug charges

Georgia has quickly become a hot spot for the hip hop music industry. No longer divided into East Coast and West Coast, the rap community has branched out to sub-genres, chief among them the phenomenon that is southern rap. Several hip hop artists from Georgia, such as T.I., 2 Chainz, and Soulja Boy have achieved world-wide fame, and Georgia is now a top destination for artists and fans alike. Unfortunately, in an attempt to curb a nationwide problem with prescription drug abuse, Georgia law enforcement sometimes file prescription drug charges even if a person has a valid prescription.

Recently, rapper Jim Jones found himself in a sticky situation while visiting friends in Georgia. He was the passenger in a vehicle carrying four people. Police claim that they observed the female driver swerve into an emergency lane. She obliged when police signaled her to pull over, but allegedly drove off as officers approached the vehicle. Police began to pursue the vehicle, and Jones states that he urged the driver to pull over, but indicates that the driver did not seem to comprehend what she needed to do; apparently, she did not stop until police maneuvered a cruiser in front of her vehicle. 

Law enforcement officers claimed that the vehicle was filled with smoke that may have been from marijuana, and later were given the authority to search the vehicle. They claim  to have found a bag somewhere in the vehicle that contained prescription drugs, money and two guns. Jones was arrested with his three companions and is facing several charges. Jones firmly denies any knowledge of the firearms, and stated that he had a prescription for the pills that were supposedly discovered in the bag. 

Due in part to an overdose crisis sweeping the nation, law enforcement has been increasingly hasty when it comes to filing prescription drug charges. Those that stand accused of drug crimes may worry that they will face a biased prosecution. Fortunately, being accused of a crime is certainly not proof of guilt. On many occasions, seeking the aid of a knowledgeable attorney can be helpful when preparing to present a solid defense in a court of law.