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Police arrest 2 people for alleged drug crimes

In Georgia, facing drug charges can be a difficult and scary experience for anyone involved. Nearly all types of drug crimes can have life-altering consequences if the person charged is found guilty. However, simply being charged with drug-related offenses is not a conviction in a court of law. The accused are always presumed innocent unless proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

In a recent incident in Adairsville, police stopped a vehicle with a cracked windshield after receiving reports that a car of a similar description had stopped in the parking lots of two local businesses. Around 2 a.m., officers requested to search the vehicle, but the front-seat passenger allegedly refused to consent. Reportedly, the officers called for a K-9 unit to perform a drug inspection, during which investigators reported finding illegal substances.

Supposedly, the police recovered large quantities of marijuana, methamphetamine, prescription drugs, smoking apparatuses, digital scales and around $8,000 in cash. The driver of the vehicle reportedly had an outstanding warrant for a violation of parole in a matter separate from this incident. Both parties are now facing several serious drug charges.

Convictions for drug crimes committed in Georgia can result in harsh repercussions, including extended incarcerations. A solid defense is necessary for defendants to ensure that every legal avenue is explored prior to and during court proceedings. An attorney can ensure that all evidence related to the serious drug charges against an individual is thoroughly evaluated, especially regarding police authority to conduct a search. Legal counsel can then determine the best defensive approach, or they could negotiate a suitable plea agreement with prosecutors if that proves to be the best course of action.

Source: 13wmaz.com, “Police make huge meth bust in Adairsville McDonald’s parking lot“, Tim Darnell, April 19, 2018