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Heroin epidemic leads to increased drug crimes arrests

Many Georgia residents are likely aware that the nation is in the grips of an opioid epidemic. With ever-increasing numbers of overdose deaths and lives ruined by addiction, law enforcement is cracking down on drug crimes. While these efforts are meant to save lives, some feel as if the paranoia leads to trumped-up charges and faulty investigations that may lead to wrongful arrests or criminal sentences.

Recently, an Georgia man was arrested after being found at a shopping center with a small amount of a drug called “grey death.” The drug is believed to be a potentially lethal mix of heroin and the prescription drug fentanyl. Police allege that they believe the man was preparing to sell the drug, but so far, they have not been able to prove any more than possession. 

When it comes to drug crimes, an arrest can be frightening. Those accused may feel as if nobody believes their side of the story. However, the accused should be made aware that, sometimes, things like search and seizure methods, racial profiling, and unfounded accusations can be called into question in a court of law. 

When a person finds him or herself accused of drug crimes, one of the first things he or she may consider doing is seeking the aid of an experienced attorney. An attorney would be able to assist the accused of building a solid defense and work to secure the most favorable outcome possible. Though drug crimes are taken seriously, being accused is not an indication of guilt.

Source: ajc.com, “Man accused of selling ‘grey death’ in Atlanta suburbs”, Tom Regan, May 17, 2018