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Defending yourself against assault charges

These days, it is risky business to get involved in a physical fight, even if the cause seems just in the moment. In many cases, instances of physical violence lead to criminal charges, even those that may feel justified. Of course, there are some very strong defenses to assault allegations, if you know how and when to use them.

Facing assault charges is a serious matter, and requires a strong legal response in any instance. Should you face criminal assault charges, do not wait to build a strong legal defense to protect your rights. Even if you suspect that the evidence against you is very strong, it is wise to fight charges using the strength of the law with a well-built legal defense.

Legal justifications for assault

While physical violence is generally discouraged under the law, there are some exceptions that you may find ways to use effectively in your own defense, depending on your circumstances.

In most cases, these defenses come down to either self defense or defense of some other party from imminent harm. In either instance, a person cannot simply commit an act of violence because of some perceived threat. Whether someone directs the potential harm toward you or toward another party, you must have a reasonable basis to claim imminent harm, rather than simply saying your were afraid for your safety.

It is also important to consider whether it is possible to resolve the matter without violence, such as by leaving the circumstances entirely. If you have a clear opportunity to remove yourself or others from the situation by simply leaving and, instead, choose to use violence, this decision may not stand up in court.

Consensual acts of violence

For one reason or another, some people consensually participate in acts of violence. If you and another party have an agreement that involves physical violence, you may have grounds to claim that this agreement nullifies assault charges. However, this does not apply to all forms of violence. If, for instance, you and another party engage in violence while in an intimate situation, the level of violence or physical harm to the other party may exceed the boundaries of legal behavior, even if it is consensual, or at least began consensually.

Whatever your circumstances, it is important to build your legal defense as quickly and as effectively as you can, using all your resources. Assault charges may lead to significant fines and jail time, so do not waste any more time before taking action to protect your best interests.