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2 men facing felony charges surrounding alleged property theft

| May 9, 2018 | Shoplifting And Theft Crimes |

Eyewitness accounts of a crime are not always as reliable as one would think. It can be easy for a person to believe he or she saw something occur in the middle of the night, but then not be quite as sure hours later. Regardless of the accuracy of these accounts, serious consequences can potentially arise for any accused person. This is the case for two 20-year-old Georgia men who are facing criminal charges surrounding allegations of multiple car entries and theft crimes.

A witness reportedly saw two men attempting to break into his son’s vehicle in the middle of the night. He contacted the authorities, and police arrived within minutes. They were able to detain one man at the scene, but the other man got away. The witness identified the man through a mugshot, although he reported to police the man had been wearing a beanie and sweatshirt.

A search warrant was issued for a truck owned by one of the men. Through the investigation, police allegedly located a substantial number of stolen goods, including guns, credit cards, prescription pill bottles, student IDs, driver’s licenses, cameras and other miscellaneous items. The men face serious charges, including prowling, felony entering auto and loitering. The detained man was able to post bail.

Theft charges can lead to potentially serious repercussions in Georgia, including extensive restitution and possible jail time. Fortunately, there are resources available to those who are facing such challenging times. An experienced attorney can help determine the legal course of action most advantageous for a client, including investigating any questionable evidence presented by the prosecution.

Source: fox5atlanta.com, “Guns, IDs among stolen items recovered in car theft arrest“, George Franco, May 2, 2018

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