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Man stopped for aggressive driving, faces felony charges

Every day, drivers are faced with situations that cause emotions to run high. Road rage and aggressive driving accusations are somewhat common in Georgia, and as such, the aftermath of any such incidents can be a trying time for those accused of such actions. When a driver is perceived to be violating traffic laws for whatever reason, severe action can be taken by law enforcement.

A man is facing charges for serious criminal offenses based upon his alleged actions. Reportedly, the man rear-ended a truck at a high speed and then carjacked it. During the altercation, the truck driver claimed that he tried to defend himself with a gun, and when it misfired, the man allegedly assaulted the trucker in order to steal the vehicle.

The police were summoned once the incident occurred, and they claim to have seen the man commit numerous traffic offenses. Supposedly, the man failed to maintain his lane as he swerved in and out of the emergency vehicle lane. At that point, the police attempted to pull the man over. When the vehicle was finally stopped, the driver allegedly resisted arrest. Once he finally was in police custody, it was reported that the man was facing felony charges of carjacking, assault, reckless driving and DUI.

Facing charges for aggressive driving of any type can create a rather stressful and challenging time for those accused. Obviously, the more charges one faces, the more severe the potential punishment could be in the event of a conviction. Acquiring an experienced Georgia attorney can ensure that those going through these trying times have their rights protected. Carefully determining the best criminal defense strategy possible could increase one’s odds of avoiding potential repercussions such as incarceration or significant monetary fines.

Source: wrdw.com, “Man arrested after carjacking in Warren County then, leading trooper on chase down I-20”, March 25, 2018