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Alleged shoplifting leads man to felony charges

Whether one was experiencing financial difficulties that individual to take drastic measures to make ends meet, or if someone was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and suddenly now faces false accusations, facing any form of criminal charges is a serious matter. While many in Georgia may view shoplifting as a minor criminal act, a conviction for shoplifting charges has the potential to result in life-altering consequences. In many cases, shoplifting is not the only charge a person could potentially face, especially if property damage allegedly occurred.

This is the case for a man who supposedly shoplifted from Walmart after store hours. In order to get into the store, the man reportedly decided to cut the curtain in the gardening department. Before stealing any items, the alleged act of getting in that Walmart caused $4,564.79 in damages.

Once the man supposedly gained access to the store, he was alleged to have stolen a TV, a coffee maker, a sound bar and a drone. The value of the reportedly stolen goods was $376.96. The man was later identified, and a warrant was issued for his arrest. He was charged with shoplifting and felony damage to property in the second degree. The accused person is being held in jail on a $3,500 bond following the alleged incident.

Along with a chance of possible incarceration from charges associated with shoplifting, the defendant may also have to pay restitution for the damages found. Obtaining an experienced Georgia attorney can ensure that those going through these trying times have their rights protected in court proceedings. Legal representation would work toward helping the defendant make the best decisions with regard to the situation at hand.

Source: northwestgeorgianews.com, “Silver Creek man faces felony charge for damage while shoplifting”, Diane Wagner, April 2, 2018