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Multiple arrests made for drug crimes

| Mar 6, 2018 | Prescription Drug Charges |

Drugs are a major concern for law enforcement in every state. There are several illegal substances that many people think about when drugs are mentioned in conversation. Some of these drugs include marijuana, heroin or cocaine, but prescription drugs are also being used more and more for recreational purposes. Georgia authorities recently arrested eight people for drug crimes, specifically crimes involving opioid painkillers. 

One of the defendants is a licensed physician who often worked as a consulting pathologist. Authorities claim that the defendant allegedly wrote more than 1,100 opioid prescriptions over a two year period despite the fact that he rarely saw patients. Supposedly, he wrote prescriptions without giving thorough examinations, or without meeting the patient at all. He was also accused of trading sexual favors and affection for prescription drugs. Several of the other defendants were accused of being among the people trading sexual favors.

These eight individuals, ranging in age from 26 to 76, have been charged with conspiring to distribute and dispense controlled substances. This charge refers to the use of these drugs outside of normal medical use. The doctor, as well as six of the other defendants, were charged with multiple counts of illegal drug distribution for specific prescriptions. 

Those in Georgia who have been charged with drug crimes could benefit from speaking with an attorney. Consulting with a lawyer early on can help to ensure that the defendant is able to create the strongest possible defense against the charges. Attorneys can help their clients to sort through and understand all of the available information, and they can also help their clients to use that information to their greatest benefit. 

Source: coosavalleynews.com, “Several Bartow Residents Indicted for Opioid Distribution“, March 2, 2018

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