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College man arrested, accused of assault and battery

 In almost all relationships between Georgia couples, arguments and disagreements can be expected. During these disputes, emotions can run high for all parties involved. In the heat of the moment, things happen that are unpredicted and, often, regrettable. Assault and battery charges are unfortunate, but common.

A young college man was apparently having a disagreement with his ex-girlfriend, whom he used to reside with, over a telephone. Allegedly, the man went to his ex-girlfriend’s dorm room when the incident broke out. He supposedly took her phone from her. While the ex-girlfriend attempted to get her phone back from him, he is accused of grabbing her by her neck and pushing her into objects, which caused bruising.

According to the accused assailant, he pushed the victim after her attempt to retrieve the phone from him. He alleged that no further physical altercation occurred apart from the push. The man was charged with multiple crimes under the Family Violence Act, including aggravated assault, false imprisonment, computer theft and battery. Reportedly, he also incurred punishments from his college institution for 90 days.

When two partners get into an altercation, the results can be damaging; especially when violence is involved. In Georgia, assault and battery charges are serious, and the one accused could be faced with an extended period of incarceration and/or other repercussions. The person charged might seek an attorney to help navigate legal options during such a stressful time. Options may vary between court trials, jury trials and plea bargains. Legal representation would work toward helping the defendant make the best decisions with regard to the situation at hand.

Source: onlineathens.com, “Athens man arrested for assault at UGA dorm“, Joe Johnson, March 10, 2018