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Multiple violent crimes charges filed after shooting

| Feb 20, 2018 | Family Violence |

Violence within families is a subject that is taken very seriously across the nation. If violence against a spouse or child is suspected, then it isn’t unusual for violent crimes charges to be filed. Numerous charges relating to family violence will be filed against a man in Georgia after authorities responded to reports of gunfire. 

Police found a man sitting outside of his home when they arrived on the scene. The authorities noted before going inside to check the home that he appeared to have injuries to his face. Upon searching the home, the police discovered that the man’s wife had been shot. Both individuals were taken to a local hospital for treatment.

This case is still under investigation. However, it is expected that the husband will be charged with a number of crimes, including some that fall specifically under Georgia’s Family Violence Act. These crimes include criminal attempt to commit murder, home invasion, aggravated battery and aggravated assault. Because the assault and battery charges are family violence related, they could possibly result in a more severe sentence if the defendant is convicted. 

Georgia residents who have been charged with violent crimes related to family violence or suspect that they might be charged with such crimes will likely wish to contact an attorney. By contacting an attorney early in the process, the defendant can increase his or her chances of building the strongest defense possible. A lawyer would be able to help ensure that all of the information gathered is used in a way that most benefits the defendant’s case. 

Source: Canton, GA Patch, “Husband Shot Wife In Cherokee County: Sheriff“, Geoff Dempsey, Feb. 12, 2018

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