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3 arrested for drug crimes in Georgia

| Feb 6, 2018 | Drug Possession |

Georgia police recently arrested three individuals after they seized large quantities of drugs from a truck. All three defendants have each been charged with marijuana trafficking. Only two of the defendants were charged with additional drug crimes. They were also charged with cocaine trafficking and possessing illegal firearms, as well as other drug-related charges. 

During the course of a narcotics investigation, police pulled over a U-Haul truck that they suspected of delivering drugs. Inside of the truck, authorities say that they found nearly 50 pounds of hydroponic marijuana and psychedelic mushrooms. It is estimated that the drugs may have been worth more than $400,000. 

The authorities believed that the driver, who was arrested after the truck was stopped and searched, was delivering the drugs to the home of the other two defendants. Police then conducted a raid on the home and arrested the other defendants. They claim to have found an additional ten pounds of marijuana, marijuana wax and butter, cocaine, and mushrooms. Police also say that they found large amounts of cash and a stolen handgun on the property as well. 

Georgia residents who have been charged with drug crimes and are in need of a criminal defense may wish to contact an attorney. Attorneys can help their clients build a strong defense using the available evidence as well as any useful information that the defendant may personally know. By speaking with an attorney early on in the proceedings, a defendant may be able to increase his or her chances of building a strong defense, thereby increasing his or her chances of a more favorable outcome. 

Source: 11alive.com, “11alive.comMore than $400K in weed, psychedelic mushrooms, other drugs seized in Douglasville bust“, Tim Darnell, Feb. 1, 2018

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