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Traffic violations and road rage

Georgia residents, especially those living near Atlanta, have probably had some experience with road rage. Some have only seen it expressed in others, but some may have experienced it for themselves. Unfortunately, these negative emotions can sometimes result in traffic violations.

More often than not, when a person experiences road rage it is expressed in a way that does not directly affect those nearby, except maybe to anger and frustrate other drivers. This might include making obscene gestures at others or overusing the car horn. Some might allow their anger to take them a step further and begin tailgating or cutting off other drivers. These offenses may result in authorities issuing citations for aggressive driving or could even result in criminal charges. 

Criminal charges may be filed against a driver if authorities believe that the person’s aggressive behavior poses a threat to others. This could mean that police believe that a driver is attempting to intentionally harm or kill another individual by using a vehicle as a weapon. In a situation like this, a driver may be charged with aggravated assault rather than cited for aggressive or reckless driving

Drivers who frequently travel through areas plagued by heavy traffic will likely experience road rage in some way, either personally or as a bystander. Georgia residents who have been charged with traffic violations and wish to contest them could benefit from speaking with an attorney in their area. Attorneys may be able to help their clients to reduce or eliminate the alleged charge, depending on the situation. 

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