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Prescription drug crimes alleged against two women

Thousands of individuals across the nation take prescription drugs every day for a wide variety of reasons. Many of these drugs can be highly addictive and are therefore more carefully monitored. Two women in Georgia have recently been accused of drug crimes related to prescription drugs. They have been accused of stealing the drugs from the clinics where they work.

The first defendant has been accused of stealing a prescription from an existing patient as well as creating a second prescription. Allegedly, the defendant had these prescriptions, for oxycodone and Xanax respectively, filled at different pharmacies. After filling the prescriptions, authorities have alleged that the defendant’s boyfriend, who was also arrested, picked up the drugs from the pharmacy. Both the defendant and her boyfriend are currently out of jail on bond, and the defendant has been suspended from work pending the outcome of this investigation.  

Elsewhere in Georgia, a second woman was accused of stealing drugs from the veterinarian clinic where she works. Authorities claim that she wrote a Xanax prescription for her dog and had it filled. They also claim that the medication was never intended for the animal. 

It isn’t uncommon for prescription drugs to be sold for recreational use, so authorities are often quick to act when they suspect these drugs might be used improperly. People like these women in Georgia who have been accused of drug crimes involving powerful prescription drugs could benefit from consulting an attorney. By speaking with an attorney early on in the proceedings, the defendant and his or her attorney may be able to build a strong defense against the charges that have been filed. 

Source: wsbtv.com, “Police: Women stole prescription drugs from clinics for months“, Justin Wilfon, Jan. 11, 2018