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Nearly 70 arrested for marijuana possession

Georgia residents may have heard about the recent arrests made at a house party early on the morning of New Year’s Eve. There were nearly 70 individuals arrested at this party with ages ranging from 15 to 31 years old. Because officers found a small amount of marijuana on the property, all of the defendants have been charged with marijuana possession. A few have also been charged with various other drug crimes.

Police were originally responding to reports of gunfire in the neighborhood. Witnesses later revealed that they believed that fireworks were the source of the sound. The authorities supposedly entered the house with a search warrant and found cannabis, two firearms and what they suspected to be cocaine. Upon finding these items the police began rounding up party goers.

Because no one at the party would claim the drugs, everyone at the party was charged with possession of less than one ounce of marijuana. Authorities claim that this is a valid charge because the cannabis was found out in the open, and everyone present at the party had access to it. The party’s host claims that the officers entered the property illegally and that he was never presented with the search warrant.

Most of the people charged were released on a $1,000 bond, but some were unable to pay the bond and remain in jail. Normally, this possession charge would be considered a misdemeanor. Those charged might be required to serve up to 12 months in jail or 12 months community service. They may also be given a fine up to $1,000. 

Many people may not agree with these arrests because they believe that there is no way for less than one ounce of marijuana to be shared amongst nearly 70 people. Other Georgia defendants, like many of these, who believe that they have been wrongfully accused of marijuana possession could benefit from speaking with an attorney working in their area. An attorney can help his or her client build a strong defense to avoid conviction or at least mitigate any potential consequences.

Source: thefix.com, “Less Than 1 Oz Of Pot Leads To Arrest Of Nearly 70 People“, Victoria Kim, Jan. 4, 2018