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Man suspected of theft allegedly triggers car chase

An alert issued by Georgia dispatchers recently resulted in a short car chase on Highway 33. Authorities caught sight of a vehicle that matched a description they had been given and gave chase. They say the car chase lasted for four miles before the vehicle was stopped and the driver arrested. The defendant is currently charged with a variety of traffic violations relating to the alleged chase, theft and a number of other charges, including felonies. 

The initial call issued by the dispatcher told authorities that a man purportedly matching the defendant’s description was suspected of stealing a television from a Walmart. Authorities claim that when they attempted to stop the defendant’s vehicle he quickly drove away. They also claim that he veered onto a nearby highway, and illegally passed several other vehicles in the process. 

In an effort to stop the vehicle, authorities apparently put down stop sticks in the road. They say the defendant’s vehicle got stuck in a ditch when he attempted to get around the sticks. After the vehicle came to a stop, authorities approached with weapons drawn to take the defendant into custody. During the arrest, police reported that a child was also in the car.

The defendant is charged with felony fleeing, attempting to elude police, reckless driving and driving with a suspended license. He is also accused of theft by shoplifting, cruelty to children in the second degree and a variety of other charges and traffic violations. Police also report that they later discovered that the defendant also had an outstanding warrant for a parole violation and for theft of a motor vehicle.

Individuals who have been arrested can easily become overwhelmed by the number of crimes they are charged with. It is typically helpful for a defendant in a theft case like this one to consult with an attorney. Local lawyers can help Georgia defendants to build the strongest possible defense against the charges filed in order to pursue the most favorable outcome possible.

Source: walb.com, “Wanted man arrested in Worth after fleeing Crisp deputies“, Dave Miller, Dec. 29, 2017