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Woman charged with theft in Georgia

Many people know what it’s like to fall on hard times. Responsibilities can pile up and become overwhelming if a person isn’t prepared or is under an unusually high amount of stress. In some cases, this may lead to a series of bad decisions and bad habits which can be difficult to break. These decisions and habits can take many forms, like drug addiction or theft. One Georgia woman is facing both theft charges and drug-related crimes charges after she allegedly attempted to burglarize a house.

Authorities suspect that the defendant broke into a house and attempted to steal several items while her child waited in her vehicle.  It is unknown how long the defendant was allegedly in the house, but police say they found DVD’s, and children’s toys in the defendant’s possession. They also claim to have found a scale, a substance suspected to be meth and smoking paraphernalia were in the car near the child.

The defendant is facing four felony charges, including charges for possession of drug-related objects, methamphetamine, burglary and tools for committing a crime. It is also possible that child neglect charges will be added by the District Attorney’s Office. Supposedly, the defendant was already on probation for another shoplifting charge.

There are many possible reasons why a person feels as though theft is the answer. The items that this woman allegedly took were not just items she could potentially sell, but they were items that her child would have enjoyed. Georgia residents who have been accused of theft could benefit from contacting an attorney. A lawyer can help his or her client to use the details of the case to build the strongest possible defense against the charges.

Source: foxnews.com, “Georgia mom left child in car with meth while burglarizing house, authorities say”, Amy Lieu, Dec. 15, 2017