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Dunwoody officers focus on traffic violations

Most drivers have received or will receive a traffic ticket at some point. A significant number of these traffic violations are most likely for minor infractions. The police department in Dunwoody, Georgia, decided to reinforce the importance of some of these laws and educate a number of locals by writing several tickets to violators.

The officers were largely focused on giving tickets to drivers and pedestrians who were violating the right-of-way laws at a crosswalk on North Peachtree Road. This particular crosswalk was located in front of Chesnut Charter Elementary School. Authorities allegedly gave at least 10 people tickets for violations.

Dunwoody officers have asked drivers and pedestrians alike to keep a number of things in mind so that they might avoid receiving a ticket in the future. In addition to watching for pedestrians, drivers should stop completely for pedestrians crossing at a crosswalk, and they should remain stopped until the pedestrian has reached the opposite side of the road or is multiple lanes away. Pedestrians should also keep an eye out for drivers and obey all traffic signals to avoid traffic violations as well as injury. Wearing brightly colored or reflective clothing can also help to make pedestrians more visible at night or in poorly lit areas.

Receiving a traffic ticket is not unusual. However, if a driver feels as though he or she has been ticketed unfairly, then it is possible to challenge it. Georgia drivers who have been accused of traffic violations and wish to challenge them could benefit from speaking with an attorney. 

Source: Dunwoody, Ga. Patch, “Dunwoody Police Ticket 10 People For Crosswalk Violations“, Chris Gaudet, Nov. 21, 2017