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Would you pass the test when it comes to open container laws?

Socializing is a large part of the college experience here in Georgia and around the country. As such, many of the gatherings for college students tend to include alcohol. Violating the state’s open container laws could jeopardize your college career and your future.

Perhaps you took precautions not to be driving that night because you knew that you would be drinking. However, as you walked with friends, you carried a beer to sip on as you moved from one destination to another. Without warning, a police officer approaches you, and before you know it, you are in police custody. Even if you decided to drive and were not drinking, if you are pulled over and a passenger has an open container in the vehicle, you, as the driver, could be the one riding in the backseat of a police car.

Georgia law prohibits individuals from having an open container of alcohol in public. Even if you do not believe that this is a serious charge, you may want to reconsider. Colleges, universities and scholarship programs tend to take criminal charges seriously. A charge that you may not think important, such as this one, could derail your college career and change the course of your future.

Violating open container laws can be a serious charge for anyone, but for college students, there is much at stake. You would more than likely benefit from having a compassionate yet aggressive criminal defense attorney in your corner. It may be possible to deal with the charges in such a way that it does not put a blemish on your record and gets your college career back on track.