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Suspected shoplifting leads to accusations of robbery

The laws of Georgia recognize varying degrees of theft. An individual may be accused of misdemeanor shoplifting, which ordinarily has less harsh penalties than the crime of robbery even though they each may share elements that prosecutors must prove beyond a reasonable doubt before a person can be convicted of either. Evidence of both types of theft will be necessary in a case of suspected shoplifting gone bad at a department store. 

According to reports, three individuals entered the department store. An employee allegedly witnessed the trio cutting security cords off purses. That employee then approached the three individuals supposedly in an effort to stop the shoplifting. An altercation ensued, and one of the three is accused of knocking down the employee.

The trio then is said to have fled the retail establishment, got into a vehicle and left the scene. Police in Cartersville say that after speaking with employees at the store, witnesses and legwork, they ascertained the identities of the three supposedly involved in the incident. Two have since been arrested, and at last report, the third had not yet been found.

The arrest warrants for all three indicated charges for felony shoplifting and robbery by force. The penalties for convictions on one or both charges could be severe. Each of them would more than likely benefit from discussing the charges they may face with a Georgia criminal defense attorney. A thorough review of the circumstances and evidence that prosecutors intend to present to the court could help reveal options for resolving the charges in the best manner possible.

Source: Cartersville, GA Patch, “3 Charged With Robbery, Felony Shoplifting In Cartersville“, Kristal Dixon, Nov. 3, 2017