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Several staying in a motel ended up arrested for drug possession

Was it a case of wrong place, wrong time? Only time will tell. Some Georgia motels seem to have an inordinate number of illicit activities going on in them, but that does not mean that every occupant partakes in them. Motels are public places, and previous occupants could leave behind any number of items. Depending on the circumstances, it is possible that unwitting guests could end up facing charges for drug possession or other crimes.

For instance, police in one Georgia city pay particular attention to at least two of the city’s motels because they appear to host a large amount of alleged criminal activity, at least according to officials. This means that the locations are raided often and result in numerous arrests. Those arrests tend to substantiate the official claims that the motels’ guests are there for drugs, prostitution and other illegal activities.

In one week, Albany police arrested seven people at one location. The following week, five more people ended up in custody. Those five face drug possession and other charges based on searches that supposedly turned up significant amounts of substances believed to be cocaine, marijuana and spice. Police also say they found guns and cash during that same search.

Nearly every city has at least one motel with a questionable reputation, and in some cases, merely patronizing the establishment could result in drug possession charges. However, before anyone can be convicted of this or another crime, prosecutors must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. Anyone facing criminal charges would more than likely benefit from enlisting the aid of a criminal defense team as soon as possible after an arrest to protect his or her legal rights and begin formulating a plan to achieve the best possible outcome to the charges.

Source: walb.com, “5 arrested in multiple drug busts at motels“, Catherine Patterson, Oct. 31, 2017