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What is domestic violence in Georgia?

Family relationships can be challenging. At times, there is a fine line between an argument and a fight and between disciplining your children and abusing them. If you face accusations of domestic violence, it might help to understand what Georgia law says about it.

A crucial word to consider when disciplining your children is what would be considered “reasonable” under the law. Corporal punishment, such as spanking, detention or restraint, does not violate Georgia’s domestic violence laws as long as they are carried out in a reasonable manner. If another person perceives that you “went too far,” you could end up facing charges, but that does not mean you will be convicted.

Domestic violence includes acts such as simple assault or battery, felony assault or battery, or unlawfully restraining another person. It may even include acts such as criminal trespass and criminal damage to property. These acts are considered “domestic” violence if they involve people who live, or lived, in the same household, such as children, spouses or parents who share children, among others. Depending on the severity of the accusations against you, you could face harsh penalties.

Because of this, it would be in your best interests to discuss the situation with an attorney who deals with domestic violence accusations as soon as possible. You do not have to wait until you face an arrest to consult with such an attorney. More than just your freedom is at stake. If you have children, you could be denied the right to see them, even temporarily, based on these types of allegations. Taking swift action to protect your rights and work to resolve the situation could keep that from happening.

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