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Prescription drug charges may be more of a symptom than a problem

| Oct 17, 2017 | Prescription Drug Charges |

When it comes to issues of possession of legal pharmaceuticals, an arrest is often a symptom of a much larger problem. Many Georgia residents who are in possession of prescription drugs are no longer taking them for the purpose for which they were prescribed. In fact, the drugs may not even be for that individual. By the time he or she faces prescription drug charges, that person could be in crisis.

Some Georgia residents may not consider legally prescribed drugs to be of any concern. They may have heard of some people becoming addicted to them, but may not think it can happen to them. Then, they suffer an injury. They receive a prescription for an addictive medication that they cannot stop taking because they are hooked. In fact, the most widely abused doctor-prescribed drugs include pain medications, stimulants and tranquilizers, along with hypnotics and sedatives.

These medications can lead to dangerous health consequences up to and including death due to overdose. An addiction to them can cause an individual to engage in uncharacteristic behaviors and actions. By the time those actions and behaviors reach the sight of police, the addiction has taken hold and more than likely led to personal and professional problems.

Does this sound like someone who should be spending time in jail due to prescription drug charges? More than likely the answer is no. Instead, a person in the grips of an addiction to prescription medication may need help. With the right legal assistance, it may be possible to get that help and possibly keep a conviction off the record of an otherwise law-abiding individual.

Source: drugabuse.gov, “Misuse of Prescription Drugs: Summary“, Accessed on Oct. 14, 2017

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