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Several face charges for drug crimes after traffic stop

Georgia law enforcement officials often rely on traffic stops to discover illegal activity. Charges for drug crimes, impairment and other criminal activity often result from what starts out as a seemingly innocent stop. Under any circumstances, any individuals placed under arrest on the side of the road still have the right to contest any charges they face, particularly since the procedures used in some traffic stops do not comply with current laws.

The traffic stop could become an important component in the cases of five individuals recently placed under arrest. During a search of the vehicle, officers claimed to have found 15 kilos of a substance believed to be methamphetamine. This alleged find led to the raid of a supposed lab and home.

Searches of the alternate locations supposedly yielded the confiscation of millions of dollars worth of methamphetamine, an unknown quantity of a substance believed to be cocaine and approximately $166,000 in cash. Officials accuse the individuals of being part of a drug trafficking ring. However, Georgia prosecutors must prove all of the elements of the crimes charged beyond a reasonable doubt and in court before any conviction is possible.

An arrest does not equal a conviction. Those accused of drug crimes, or any crimes for that matter, retain the right to challenge the evidence and confront any witnesses in court. Considering that many crimes involving drugs have harsh penalties, including jail or prison time, it would be beneficial to enlist the aid of a criminal defense attorney who can review the circumstances (including the traffic stop), assess whether an individual’s rights were violated and explore all available options for the best outcome possible to the situation.

Source: wjbf.com, “A Ga. traffic stop leads to a $3.2M meth bust“, Alesha Ray, Sept. 18, 2017