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Challenging criminal traffic offenses in Georgia

| Sep 5, 2017 | Traffic Violations |

School has started up again here in Georgia as it has across the country. This means school buses will be making their morning and afternoon routes. If you fail to stop when a bus puts out its stop sign or flashes its lights, you could find yourself facing charges for one of the state’s criminal traffic offenses.

If there is no physical barrier or median on the road between the two directions of travel, it does not matter which direction you are driving. You must stop when the stop arm is out or the lights are flashing. If you are on the same side of the roadway, you must do so regardless of whether you see any children in the vicinity of the school bus.

This law also applies to emergency vehicles, but you more than likely remember this rule. During the summer, drivers tend to relax knowing that the usual school bus stops are not being used. Few people want to put children in danger, so a reminder may be helpful since the penalties could extend beyond fines. The points on your license could be the ones that put your license in suspension, which would most certainly complicate your life.

You may challenge criminal traffic offenses here in Georgia. It may be possible to have the offense dismissed or to receive a reduction that would either keep points off your license or lessen them, along with any fines you may face. If you find yourself facing such an offense, it may be to your advantage to seek out the advice and guidance of an attorney.

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