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Prison visitors end up under arrest for marijuana possession

Many Georgia residents have friends and loved ones who made mistakes for which they are paying by being incarcerated here in the state. Visiting them in prison may be part of their routines, so they become lax in ensuring that they meet all of the prison requirements for visitation. This may not result in arrests for most people, but for three people it recently resulted in arrests for alleged marijuana possession, among other charges.

Supposedly, both marijuana cigarettes and loose marijuana were found by a drug-sniffing dog in the vehicle of a visitor at one facility. At another facility, the accused individual did not even make it through the metal detector. The third individual also never made it through the entrance before being stopped. The charges against each of them vary, but they all face one common charge: crossing state or county guard lines with weapons, intoxicants or drugs without consent.

The penalties each of them faces also vary. The three were taken to the county jails in the locations of the prisons they were attempting to visit. Each of them retains the right to challenge the charges they face.

Even though the arrests took place at Georgia correctional facilities, the individuals were not inmates. As with anyone accused of a crime, they retain their legal rights. The potential for a violation of those rights may be investigated, along with the circumstances surrounding the arrests. Any possible weaknesses in the prosecutions’ cases could provide viable options for the reduction or dismissal of the marijuana possession and other charges filed.

Source: ajc.com, “Alleged marijuana possession lands 3 Georgia prison visitors in jail“, Raisa Habersham, July 31, 2017