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Do you have a good defense to the drug crimes you face?

Georgia law takes the possession, sale and manufacturing of drugs seriously. Prosecutors often use everything in their arsenals to either secure a conviction or convince you to plead guilty to some crime associated with your arrest. However, just because you were charged with drug crimes doesn’t mean that you should take a deal or be convicted.

You retain the right to challenge the charges against you. An investigation into the circumstances surrounding your case may reveal violations of your rights, procedural mistakes and evidentiary issues. For instance, Georgia prosecutors will need to prove that any substance believed to be a particular drug actually is the drug named. This requires analysis by a lab, which could conduct the testing incorrectly, experience cross contamination or misidentify the substance in your case with that of another.

In addition, the alleged drugs could change hands several times during your case. You may request that prosecutors produce the exact alleged drugs that police confiscated in your case. If they cannot be produced, the charges against you may not stand. Issues could arise regarding any searches as well. In fact, any number of circumstances could expose weaknesses in the government’s case that could lead to either a reduction or dismissal of the charges.

Simply being charged with drug crimes does not mean that you must accept the consequences without a fight. You may not know what your options are until you review the evidence and gain an understanding of your rights. Once you have a clear picture of your situation, you can work toward obtaining the best possible outcome to the charges.

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