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College students may face prescription drug charges

Whether a student likes to party or focuses on studying, attending one of Georgia’s colleges or universities come with certain stressors. College students may not think twice about taking something to help them study, help them sleep or just for recreation. However, it could land them in trouble with the law and facing prescription drug charges.

Misusing prescription medications is a growing problem on college campuses across the country. Students often do not have trouble finding opioids such as Vicodin or OcyContin or anti-anxiety or sleep medications such as Ativan or Valium on campus. Other students may be looking for stimulants, which are also not difficult to find.

In addition to the possible health consequences, such as allergic reactions, the addictive nature of some of the medications can wreak havoc on a college student’s body and academic performance. Addiction can make people do things that they would not otherwise do. In addition, many prescription drugs make people drowsy or otherwise affect their ability to drive safely. An accident could cause unsuspecting and innocent people to suffer severe or deadly injuries.

Georgia parents who receive a frantic phone call from their child regarding potential prescription drug charges are often blindsided. After having a moment to breathe and calm down, parents may consider that their children need help more than incarceration. Contacting an attorney who routinely deals with these types of charges and understands the implications of a college student being accused of a crime could prove invaluable. It may be possible to get the student back on track and back to school without incurring a criminal record.

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