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Aggressive driving is a catch-all for many traffic offenses

Drive defensively. Drive assertively. Many Georgia drivers may have heard this kind of advice when they were first getting their driver’s licenses. This can be good advice that may save your life as you travel Georgia’s roadways. However, if you go past the line of assertive or defensive driving, you could cross over into aggressive driving.

In reality, aggressive driving often encompasses many different types of traffic offenses. Road rage is just one type of aggressive driving that most people see in news stories about tragic and deadly accidents. However, other behaviors behind the wheel may also fall into this category such as tailgating, speeding and racing. If you fail to obey traffic signals and rules or appear to be looking for trouble with another driver, you could be accused of driving aggressively.

According to AAA, at least half of all fatal traffic accidents involve some sort of aggressive driving. A survey done by the automobile club revealed that 80 percent of its participants view this type of driving as “extremely serious” or “serious” while also admitting to speeding on more than one occasion. This may be why law enforcement officials tend to issue traffic citations for these behaviors often.

In any case, you do not have to simply pay the ticket since it may add points to your Georgia driver’s license. After enough points, you could discover that your license was suspended. If you received a traffic citation for a behavior viewed as aggressive driving, you can challenge it. Even traffic offenses require the appropriate attention since there could be unintended repercussions for not doing so.

Source: aaafoundation.org, “Aggressive Driving“, Aug. 6, 2017