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Prescription drug charges could jeopardize your college career

Most Georgia college students would agree that college can be tough. The stress of taking tests, studying and socializing can be overwhelming. You may get desperate enough to buy prescription medications to help you stay awake, concentrate or relax and escape for a while. Somehow, you got onto the radar of law enforcement officials. Now, you find yourself having to tell your parents that you were arrested on prescription drug charges.

The growing market for designer and prescription drugs has caused Georgia law enforcement agencies to get tougher on recreational drug use. Police are targeting drugs such as Oxycodone, Valium and Xanax, along with many others such as bath salts, ecstasy and molly. Any of these drugs and more could land you in trouble with the law.

Depending on whether the charges are for possession or for the intent to sell, the penalties could be harsh. You may face jail or prison time and substantial fines if you are convicted. Unfortunately, that may not be the only penalties you face.

If you have a scholarship, you could lose it. The college or university may also have a no tolerance policy when it comes to drugs, which means you could be expelled. Job and housing opportunities could also be in jeopardy.

Prescription drug charges should not ruin your chances at a bright and successful future. In order to give your future the chance it deserves, you may benefit from enlisting the aid of an attorney right away. He or she will review the circumstances surrounding your case, advise you of your legal options and help you determine the best course of action.