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Georgia man faces charges for more than just drug possession

Where Georgia police departments are concerned, traffic stops often provide officers with a chance to identify individuals who may have committed crimes. When speaking with a driver, they look for details that may provide probable cause to conduct a search or further detain the driver, such as signs of impairment, objects lying in plain view in the vehicle and even smells of alcohol or certain drugs. It is this last circumstance that led officers to take a man into custody on charges that included drug possession, among others.

According to police, an officer observed a driver failing to stop at a red light at around 3 a.m. When a traffic stop was initiated, the officer felt that the driver was “extremely nervous,” which reportedly piqued the officer’s interest. The officer also claimed to smell marijuana emanating from the vehicle.

A search supposedly revealed approximately 13 pounds of a substance suspected to be marijuana and a weapon. The officer also reported observing a SentrySafe in the trunk and obtained the key from the driver’s key ring. When opened, the officer claims to have found approximately 1.5 pounds of pills suspected to be ecstasy. At last report, the 29-year-old man, who was released from prison in Aug. 2016, remained in custody at the Bibb County Jail.

Regardless of what the police reports indicate, this man is fully protected by the presumption of innocence until and unless proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. Like anyone else in Georgia charged with drug possession — or any other crime for that matter — he also has the right to legal representation. Anyone in this situation would more than likely benefit from taking advantage of these rights in order to explore all of the options available for achieving the best outcome to the charges possible.

Source: macon.com, “He was on probation for selling weed, now cops say he had 13 pounds of pot in his car”, Joe Kovac Jr., July 18, 2017