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Family violence shocks one Georgia community

One Georgia community is in shock after a mother was accused of stabbing her husband and five children. Family violence often comes as a surprise to neighbors who may have watched the children play or otherwise seen the family members together. Many people tend to question what drives a person to violence against those they love.

This may be a central question in the criminal proceedings that recently began against the Georgia mother involved in this tragedy. From what reports indicate, one of the five children survived the ordeal. The last news regarding the condition of that 9-year-old girl indicated she was stable despite her serious wounds.

When Gwinnett County police received the 911 call at approximately 4:47 a.m. on that Thursday morning, officers could not have known that they would find the bodies of four of the children ranging in age from 10 down to just 2 years old, and the woman’s 33-year-old husband. The Spanish-speaking woman was taken into custody right away. In her first court appearance, she smiled for cameras and declined an attorney when asked by the court. Even so, the court continued to urge the woman to accept legal counsel.

Regardless of how things may appear at present in this family violence case, all may not be as it seems. An attorney will need to thoroughly investigate the underlying circumstances and the evidence prosecutors intend to offer against the accused woman. Many times, cases of this nature are much more complicated than they first appear. What is clear, however, is that the seriousness of the crimes alleged and the potential consequences that a conviction might bring demand that this woman’s rights be carefully protected at every stage of the criminal proceedings.

Source: NBC News, “Georgia Mom Charged With Killing Family Smiles in Court“, July 7, 2017