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Don’t believe these things about traffic violations

At some point during the time that just about everyone with a license drives, they will be stopped by police and given a ticket. Nearly everyone has advice for Georgia residents regarding what to do when it comes to traffic violations. Much of that advice could actually work against them if they decide to do what their friends and family told them.

Drivers are legally required to comply with certain requests made by police officers such as exiting the vehicle or providing a license, registration and proof of insurance. However, if someone says that complying with a request to search the vehicle could get the officer to throw out the ticket, beware. A driver does not have to consent to a search. In some circumstances, it may be in the driver’s best interest to simply ask to leave and take the ticket.

If a driver signs the ticket, that does not equate to a plea of guilty. A driver will more than likely not be able to claim that he or she did not receive the ticket by not signing it. In fact, it could unnecessarily escalate the traffic stop.

A challenge to the ticket can be made at a later date, so it may be best just to sign it. The officer can be confronted in the courtroom. Officers show up more than people realize since it is part of the job.

Many citations for traffic violations seem like more of a nuisance than anything, but they can come with repercussions. If a Georgia driver receives too many points on his or her license, it could be suspended. Depending on the circumstances, it may be beneficial to consult with an attorney regarding handling traffic violations before they become more than just an inconvenience.

Source: flexyourrights.org, “Top 4 Traffic Ticket Myths“, June 18, 2017