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Charges for drug possession could be a plea for help not jail

It often starts innocently enough. An individual tries a drug for the first time in the company of others doing the same thing. Some of those people will walk away from that experience with nothing more than a hangover, but others become addicted after repeated use. At some point, he or she may receive the attention of Georgia law enforcement official and ends up facing charges for drug possession.

Drug use creates a slippery slope from which some Georgia residents cannot recover. The addiction takes over everything. Quitting is not merely a matter of will power. The body craves the drug and tortures the user until it is satisfied. This happens even to those who want to quit.

People addicted to drugs may be aware of the harm it causes to them, but remain unable to stop. A rewiring of their brains makes the thought of quitting terrifying. Fortunately, drug addiction is treatable. It takes commitment and support, but it can be done.

A number of programs exist to help those who are addicted to drugs. They provide clinical, psychological and other support. Families might even be included in the process in order to help prevent relapse. In most cases finding the root cause of the addiction will help provide a way out of the vicious cycle in which an individual finds him or herself.

The alternative for addicts charged with drug possession is the possibility of incarceration. This may work to “dry out” an individual, but it will not provide the type of care needed to prevent a relapse. In order to increase the chances of receiving the necessary care instead of simple punishment, it may be beneficial to talk to a compassionate and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney.

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