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Are there such things as prescription drug crimes?

Yes. When a Georgia resident uses a medication intended to treat an injury or illness, especially a narcotic such as an opiod, he or she is cautioned only to take the medication in accordance with the instructions on the bottle and in any information provided when received. In addition, most people have heard at one time or another that they should never share their medications with others. These are more than just cautionary tales since an individual’s actions and use of prescription medications could fall under prescription drug crimes.

With an increasing black market for certain prescription medications, a Georgia resident might be tempted to sell the medication. In the alternative, some doctors end up being criminally charged for trafficking or even homicide if a patient overdoses. Periodically, news outlets carry stories of “pill mills” being run out of clinics. The doctors and staff at these clinics are accused of writing bogus prescriptions and receiving a portion of any profits from black market sales or for selling the drugs themselves and writing prescriptions to cover their tracks.

The problem is that so many of the medications prescribed for issues such as chronic pain are habit forming. An addiction can easily sneak up on a person without that individual realizing it. In an attempt to feed such an addiction, it’s possible to end up in police custody for possession.

Does this mean that a person should go to jail for prescription drug crimes due to an addiction? Not necessarily. An attorney could help you get into a diversionary program that will help you with your addiction and possibly keep any charges off your record. If you are accused of trafficking, distribution or some other crime relating to prescription medications, you also need a legal advocate by your side to protect your rights and help you achieve the best outcome possible before the court.

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