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Sting operation causes charges for drug crimes against jailer

Once released, some of the inmates who spend time in Georgia’s jails and prisons might remain in contact with other inmates or even their jailers. Sometimes, those relationships turn sour when the former inmate accuses a jailer of drug crimes. This recently happened to a former jailer who now faces charges after a drug sting.

According to reports, the now former jailer, who allegedly wanted to purchase methadone (a prescription narcotic) from him, approached the former inmate. The former inmate went to drug agents regarding the request, and a sting operation was set up. The former inmate arranged to meet with the former jailer to deliver the methadone.

Agents with the Douglas-Coffee Drug Unit supposedly witnessed the meeting and moved in after the alleged transaction. That is when the 26-year-old man was arrested and fired from his position with the Coffee County Jail. The mere accusation of wrongdoing already cost this man his livelihood and his freedom. Like many other Georgia residents, the mere accusation of wrongdoing was enough to affect his life negatively.

The courts are required to adhere to the legal tenet that gives an accused individual the right to be presumed innocent until and unless proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. This man retains the right to have legal counsel represent him to review the evidence against him and to confront witnesses in court. Every aspect of a case, whether for felony drug crimes or anything else, should be reviewed and verified before any further action is taken or defense prepared. It would be in this man’s best interest to involve a criminal defense attorney in his case sooner rather than later.

Source: jacksonville.com, “Former Coffee County jailer charged in drug sting“, Terry Dickson, March 29, 2017