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Former football player arrested for assault and battery

In the last few years, numerous current and former professional football players have made headlines involving domestic violence charges. Recently, yet another former NFL player made the news after an alleged incident at a child’s birthday party. By the time police left the Georgia residence, former wide receiver Mike Thomas was under arrest for assault and battery.

According to the alleged victim, Thomas showed up at the residence intoxicated during her daughter’s birthday party. He reportedly attempted to drive off in a vehicle, but she begged him to just go sleep it off instead. She claims that is when he became enraged and punched her in the face.

She also said that Thomas threw her to the ground and began choking her. Police responded to the residence, and officers say they heard screaming and yelling as they approached. Upon entry into the residence, Thomas was supposedly approaching the officers in an “aggressive manner.” After being threatened with a Taser, he dropped to his knees and then onto the ground, where he was taken into custody without any resistance. Two of the girls at the birthday party supposedly witnessed some aspect of the incident, which could be the reason for the child abuse charge Thomas also faces.

Just because Thomas is accused of assault and battery does not mean that he will be convicted of those crimes or the child abuse charge. As would anyone else in Georgia, he is entitled to be represented by counsel, to examine the alleged evidence against him and to confront any witnesses in court. Any discrepancies in witness statements or weaknesses in the evidence could result in a reduction or dismissal of one or more of the charges. It will be up to Thomas and his counsel to determine a course of action that seeks to provide him with the best possible outcome under the circumstances.

Source: actionnewsjax.com, “Former Jacksonville Jaguars player Mike Thomas arrested in Georgia on assault, battery charges“, Amanda Winkle, March 20, 2017