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Georgia teacher arrested for more than mere drug possession

Georgia’s teachers are human. They make mistakes and even get arrested periodically for a variety of offenses. However, one Georgia teacher faces much more than basic drug possession charges after a officials allegedly found approximately $6 million worth of what they believe to be heroin and cocaine in the home in which she was living.

Police somehow received information that a substantial amount of drugs was “probably” in the residence. At least three people occupied the home. One was the 28-year-old middle school teacher and girls’ soccer team coach. The other two occupants of the home could be brother and sister. Police also arrested the 24-year-old woman, but that woman’s 25-year-old (possible) brother remains at large.

Police took the two women into custody on suspicion of possessing, distributing and trafficking cocaine and heroin, along with possessing firearms during the commission of a felony. Supposedly, anabolic steroids were also found in the home, which could mean additional charges. The penalties associated with these charges could be severe.

The Georgia teacher is likely already consulting with a criminal defense attorney. There may well be more to the story that was initially reported in the media. Every aspect of the investigation, the search of her home and her arrest requires scrutiny. Her criminal defense team will likely be attempting to ascertain whether her rights were violated and whether any weaknesses in the investigation and/or prosecution exist. All of the options available to the woman will be explored to determine the best resolution to the drug possession, distribution and trafficking charges she faces.

Source: gainesvilletimes.com, “Chestatee teacher among suspects in $6M drug bust in Oakwood”, Nick Watson and Carlos Galarza, March 17, 2017