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A marijuana charge can keep your child out of college

The cost of college has risen substantially over the last few decades. Unless your family has been saving for years or is particularly affluent, chances are that your teenage child will need some student loans or other forms of student aid to pay for college. If your child is facing a marijuana possession charge, you need to speak with an attorney as soon as possible, and not just a public defender. Your child’s future and hopes of a college education may very well depend on the quality of representation you are able to obtain. With a conviction, chances for federal student aid all but disappear.

The government has zero tolerance when it comes to financial aid

You may think that a non-violent drug crime isn’t a very big deal. Most people would agree that teenagers are prone to poor-decision making at times. Experimentation with alcohol or illegal drugs is often part of the process of learning by making mistakes. If a mistake on the part of your teenage child resulted in a charge of marijuana possession, that youthful indiscretion could drastically alter the course of your child’s life.

In addition to facing the very real penalties for marijuana possession that exist in Georgia, there is the potential for the loss of all federal student aid after a drug conviction at any age.

The federal government will not provide student aid to anyone convicted of drug offenses. In some cases, the courts will expunge youthful offenses from your child’s record, but doing that will also require the work of an experienced and dedicated defense attorney. It is in your child’s best interest to work with an attorney who can help reduce the charges, contest some of the evidence presented against your child or request that charges be dropped in lieu of substance abuse education or therapy. These may be your best options if your child is facing a marijuana possession charge.

An attorney can make all the difference

All too often, the courts hope to deter future offenders by making an example of young people who commit minor drug crimes. For those young people, their mistakes will haunt them long after their release from incarceration. The best future possible after an arrest is one that isn’t plagued by a criminal record.

Your child deserves a chance at a real future, and the best way to provide that is to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney when your child is charged with possession. Failing to do so could have lifelong consequences for you and for your beloved child. Don’t let one teenage mistake derail your child’s future.