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Speeding tickets can do more damage than you think

Most Georgia residents run late periodically. While driving, you might exceed the speed limit in order to make up time. Depending on how much over the limit you were going, you might get pulled over by a police officer and given a speeding ticket. These things happen, and you might be tempted to just pay the ticket and move on, but that might be a mistake.

In addition to the fine, points could go on your license, and your insurance rates could go up. For people who drive for a living, your ability to do so could be curtailed by your employer because of the ticket. If you have a CDL license or are under the age of 21, what might seem like a simple speeding ticket could come with harsh consequences.

Those under the age of 21 are only allowed four points within a 12-month period, and depending on the citation and how much over the speed limit you were driving, one ticket could cost you your license. Anyone with 15 or more points over the course of 24 months also faces a license suspension. When you get a speeding ticket, you could benefit from talking to a Georgia attorney to see what can be done to keep as many points off your license as possible.

Driver improvement classes, negotiations with prosecutors and other steps might be possible. The effects on your personal and professional lives could be more than just an inconvenience if your license is suspended. You do not have to let a mistake like speeding jeopardize your ability to drive.